Improve Your Golf Swing with These Tips

Whether you are a beginner in golf or an established one searching for some swing drills to enhance your game, you will undoubtedly find a lot of information on the internet regarding the subject. While most of the information on the World Wide Web may help, it can be overwhelming to discern the tips that will enhance your golf swing, particularly if you are a golf novice.

Even if you have been playing golf for a decade, it is a good idea to follow the basic swing tips if you are trying to enhance your overall game. Altering your game too much or getting technical can have an unfavourable impact on your swing, rather than improving it.

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That being said, here are a few basic golf swing tips that you may want to add to your list:

Adjust your Grip

The first step to developing an excellent golf swing technique is to examine how you hold the club. Basically, the manner in which you grip your golf club should imitate how your hands are angled when naturally hanging by the sides. Hold the club with your lead hand and in a manner whereby the knuckles on your index and middle fingers are visible, and the thumb points downwards.

The V formed between your index finger and thumb should point towards your back shoulder. The next step is to position the other hand below the leading one in a neutral position. If you hold the club this way, you will increase the chances of hitting the ball with the center of the club head on each swing.

Align your Body

It is also vital to ensure that you are correctly aligned. To ascertain this, try and think of a set of railroad tracks as you approach the tee. The body should be inside the rail of the imaginary track, and the golf ball should be outside the track’s rail.


To develop the perfect swing technique, you’ll want to relax. So, loosen your grip. Of course, you’ll have to hold the golf club securely, but avoid squeezing it. Also, ensure your body is loose as well.

Stand Properly

Before taking the swing, ensure that your feet are about shoulder width apart and that your weight is on your feet’s balls. Flex your knees and bend at your hips and avoid slouching at all costs.

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